Creating a Color Meter Using Cocoa
Subject:   Nice series
Date:   2003-10-27 05:14:29
From:   anonymous2
With Xcode coming out I decided to give this series of articles another go.
A lot of stuff I fail to understand - but I managed to put together this app with various snippets of code - some from the article - some from the reactions of other people here. I feel like 6 years old and playing with lego building blocks :)
I regret that the series does not contain a link to the source - it however makes people really try and make it work for themselves! (just look at the reactions from others!)
Tip: if it does not work - don't get frustrated. Try again, preferably from scratch. Take your time, and don't cut and copy, but type in manually and try and figure out why something does what it does (or doesn't). If you do get it working - congrats - but now the fun begins. Experiment - add code - try to make it do new stuff.
Now ... on to the next challenge :)
PS. once you get the hang of Xcode it is kick-ass! Debug and fix makes experimenting a lot of fun ... and extremely fast! I really regret nobody is adapting this series to the new environment of Xcode.