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Subject:   Panther = IMAP Broken
Date:   2003-10-27 07:14:29
From:   sbromlin
Response to: Panther = IMAP Broken

I had the same issue and after half a day of digging finally got to the bottom of it. The clue is in the man page for 'getpwent'. It describes that as of 10.3, the pw_passwd field of 'struct passwd' has changed, and that Panther users by default have their authentication go through DirectoryServices rather than the tradition shadow password. I'm certainly glad that Apple has provided versions of ssh, etc. that work with the new scheme, but it seems as though some work is needed to get UW-IMAP to authenticate properly under Panther. If you are interested in doing a small amount of source code hacking to get the server to work for you (as I did), edit
and modify the checkpw function so that it no longer uses
the crypt function to verify the password. I leave it up to
you how best to fix the checkpw function for your situation.

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