Control Your Mac from Afar
Subject:   vu ja de!
Date:   2003-10-27 12:39:16
From:   d_vaught
Response to: deja vu!

In your article you included a picture at the bottom which looks exactly like what I got when trying to remotely login to my machine at work using osXVNC server and connectiong through an SSH tunnel using Chicken of the VNC...the one with the never-ending cascading windows.

I basically want to get it to work, and write a script to somewhat automate the process. I know I tunneled in correctly, because I got that output, but I gots no idea on how to go on from there.

Any suggestions and I'd be mighty obliged.


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  1. vu ja de!
    2003-10-28 14:01:45  Harold Martin | [View]

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