Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar
Subject:   Panther = IMAP Broken
Date:   2003-10-27 15:36:15
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Panther = IMAP Broken

Well, it is incredibly crufty since I don't have time right now to make it work right, but here goes. The checkpw function in the ckp_std.c source file I referenced tries to run "crypt(pass, pw->pw_passwd)", where pass is the plaintext version of the password supplied by the IMAP client. Since pw->pw_passwd no longer contains the encrypted passwd (it is now simply "********"), I changed the string compare to look like the following:
[ ... && !strcmp("myPassword",pass) ... ]

This works for me because I have only one user account that I want to provide IMAP services for. Note that you have to change "myPassword" to "yourPassword".

It is a stupid, brute-force approach, but it allows me to work with my e-mail in the manner to which I've grown accustomed. ;-) I'm as eager as everyone else for a proper patch to UW-IMAP to work under Panther. Perhaps in a month or so I'll find time to do it myself.

I hope this can help at least a few of you to get back up on your feet.