The Death of HyperCard?
Subject:   Let it go??
Date:   2001-03-31 21:28:37
From:   lor
Response to: Let it go.

Scott K. writes:
"But it's far behind the times in terms of its feature set.""

This is not a bulletin.

"I loved it and I love it still, but its glory is past. It needs to be remembered for what it was.
it's Time to let it go."

Excuse me, Scott, I love your book, but that's complete nonsense. It may be too old and feeble for you, but for everybody from 40-year-old Mac users-- that's when I climbed aboard-- down to elementary schoolkids without a clue to programming, it's learning lifeblood. That in addition to the zillions of stacks you and Danny G. and other HC legends helped promulgate-- you don't let legacies like that die, you *leverage* them. That's just good business sense. Let me put it another way: how many companies throw away patented assets?

HyperCard needs and deserves a boot in the ass. It needs real case/switch functions, it needs 16-bit color, stereo sound, full QuickTime integration, and probably a meld with AppleScript as well. But what a head start!!

For many of us, it's as deep into programming as we'll get without going back to school. For me it was the most gratifying computer experience-- and remains very high in pleasure/productivity every tiome I use it under OS 8.6-- since I firts touched a Mac.

There's never been another software construction kit even remotely as well-designed as HyperCard and it needs everybody to tell Steve J. to keep it going on OS 9.1 and X.

Then you cna write the revision, and HC will remain good to you and its glory will shine.

- Loren