Ten Things I Dig About Xcode
Subject:   This is a general problem with the Mac GUI
Date:   2003-10-29 08:55:42
From:   anonymous2
"when you edit multiple files, you ask to compile, you get the window asking to save the files, but hitting enter does not "click the default button" of the dialog. Instead, you have to click manually with the mouse."

I hate to say anything nce about Windows, but in Windows keyboard navigation is a first class citizen, not an afterthought. Regardless of the API you use, what apple calls "full keyboard navigation" is enabled... and it goes far beyond what Apple provides.

I use a Mac at home and Windows at work, and every morning and every evening I go through a frustrating readjustmant. On the Windows side it's the usual "you never know what the h*ll Windows is doing" problems. On the mac it's going back to the "one hand on the keyboard one hand on the mouse" navigation... not only does Apple have lousy keyboard navigation, but if you're mousing around you have to keep your fingers ready for option-click and command-click.

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