Confessions of the World's Largest Switcher
Subject:   Thinking clearly, taking chances
Date:   2003-10-30 08:33:12
From:   scienceman
The entire Mac (and scientific) community owes a debt of thanks to this group, who demonstrated by direct action that they could think clearly, evaluate the numbers, and take this step based on their own knowledge of supercomputing. In one step -- though no doubt based on earlier experience with different hardware -- they catapulted their institution into prominence and their own work into effective productivity by making a large-scale resource available at comparatively low cost.

While it's only a matter of time before someone else imitates these techniques with different hardware, we can credit these folks with being first (the first at this price point, the first to create a nearly 10 Tflops machine at a university, and the first to do this with commodity 64-bit hardware at such a low cost) and for having the courage to act on their own technical knowledge. I'll bet the Dean and president at VT are breathing a sigh of relief now, having taken such a chance!