Ten Things I Dig About Xcode
Subject:   XCode NRFPT
Date:   2003-10-30 09:35:21
From:   anonymous2
I have been using XCode since the original release, and I'm afraid that it is mostly smoke and not much fire. Most of the much-promoted features (distributed compiles, zero-link, fix-and-continue) either don't work or don't deliver on their promises, and the UI is a mess compared to PB, which wasn't any prize.

IMHO, Apple should have simply added the speed features to PB and _called_ it XCode -- the UI didn't need to be made both more complicated and less useful. The manhours saved could have been used on making the speed features actually work correctly.

Simple, basic example of the klutzy new world of XCode:

Say you notice that you have several files in the source-code list that are "dirty". You command-select them all, and attempt to "Save", because XCode has an annoying habit of crashing at bizarre moments.

Oops, Save is not available -- the only way to select Save is one-file-at-a-time, and the file editor itself has to be the first responder, not the file list. Really dopey.

So you go to Save All -- and instead of Saving All, you get a window asking you if you REALLY WANTED TO SAVE.

How stupid is this?

A giant step backwards in fundamental usability.

We won't even talk about how the Find functionality has been gutted.

And if anyone can tell me an easy way to embed a framework in an application while not including the headers, I'm all ears. I would use a static library, but of course static libraries don't import objective-c categories correctly -- an amazing bug that should have been targeted a long time ago instead of wasting Apple man-hours on replacing the PB UI with an inferior one.

And while I'm whining, what genius decided that "Project>AddFiles..." would disallow adding a file from inside the project folder? How brain-dead is that? Someone actually had to DECIDE to do this. Actual man-hours were spent implementing this silliness!

I find it hard to believe that Apple's own development team is using XCode -- every time I try to do something new, I spend hours fighting the development environment.

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