Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   Strange Feats of Disconectivity
Date:   2003-10-30 14:19:17
From:   anonymous2
I have followed this article religiously in the past. And now that I have every thing set up on my computer correctly it works. Wait, no not any more. I had every thing working sendmail would receive and send emails with out any troubles at all. Then suddenly it stopped working. I've gone through and re-set every setting and now I have a new error. This started today and I've been working on it for hours. The message that I get when I start up the server is "451 4.0.0 /etc/mail/ line 96: fileclass: cannot open '/etc/mail/local-host-names': World writable directory". Now I have set sendmail to use the dontBlameSendmail as described in the article in all the places in the article. In fact I was so worried I changed the permissions on the / and /etc/mail. Does anyone have ANY ideas what I could do to fix this? email @

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  1. Strange Feats of Disconectivity
    2003-11-14 11:34:58  anonymous2 [View]

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