Subject:   Panther = IMAP Broken-> 2 solutions
Date:   2003-10-30 19:16:06
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Panther = IMAP Broken

There has been two solutions posted on the Apple Discussion board (not in the 10.3 section but in 10.2 Jaguar section however).

Please see:

PAM method works by:

Changing imap-2002e/src/osdep/unix/Makefile as below, adding CHECKPW=pam, and also adding -lpam:

osx: # Mac OS X
SPOOLDIR=/var/spool MAILSPOOL=/var/mail \

GCC will complain that security/pam_appl.h cannot
be found. You can modify and ifdef in the source for
MacOS X 10.3, but if you want a quick and dirty fix,
you can just copy /usr/include/pam directory to

This produced a imapd binary without any compile errors when SSL is not included.

Also copy existing /etc/pam.d/login into imap:
cd /etc/pam.d
cp login imap

I initially had confusing situations of the above working and not working, but it has been working at least for one day after the change.

UW-IMAP people including Mr. Mark Crispin are aware of the IMAP on Panther situation, though he does not use Apple. The above changes were suggested by Mark.