Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution
Subject:   Online distribution
Date:   2003-10-31 02:22:53
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Online distribution

i think there are two points that seem to be,thieves can't complain about pirates.being a musician i can tell you dozens of horror stories of bands that worked hard,got signed,had good sales,only to see not one cent in profit and to be told by their lawyer that they will never see a dime or even get the rights to their own songs back without a major lawsuit(and major upfront legal fees).if you think it's just dumb kids,remeber meatloaf had to sue for 17 years to get a lousy 7 mil for bat out of hell one,and that thing sold more product than tide!and there was no internet to cause "loss of sales".i get my music online(and freely offer my own)because i don't have a problem taking from thieves.the last album i purchased was the stones sticky fingers two years ago and it cost me MORE than when i bought it in 1985!There is no excuse for charging new prices for 30+ year old music and until the record corporations stop trying to extort new prices and treat the artists fairly(metallica gets $2.50 on a $22+cd?give me a break!i'll just keep downloading and support the artists i enjoy by going to their shows and buying straight from them. And i hope the big 5 go the way of the more thing,NO WAY am i paying a buck a song for old music.a dime to a quarter,maybe,but not as long as the riaa is going around suing 12 year olds and taking high school kids college's nothing but legalized extortion!give us money or we'll bust you.the only ones they'll bust is kids and the stupid.i've got my high speed going through enough proxies and firewalls all they'll find when they look for me is a server in hong kong.