AppleScript Primer for Mac OS X
Subject:   databases/rondevous
Date:   2003-10-31 14:06:55
From:   anonymous2
I have two ideas for Apple script apps, and I'm not sure how appropriate Apple script is for them:

the first I'd like to make a simple app that can do a database lookup, from a very large (sorted) file. If I have a text list with, say 7000 tab-delimited elements, can I use applescript to search that quickly? if it's a list of client phone numbers, I want to let people search by area code, then let them type in "513" and have it pull up all the cincinnati numbers. So it would display
cincinnati: 513-888-3333 Venogram Inc. Holly Witherton
the list is being exported in sorted format though, I'd also like to search by city or other fields.

I guess I need to know if I can make such a large document part of the users don't have to download two parts, or have two files on their computer.

I'd also like information on using Applescript and Rondevous. Can Applescript find other computers with it? I'd like to write an app that grabs data one one machine, and displays it on the other I read the article on remote control...very close to what I want, but I'd like to be able to seek out the other machine if I don't know it's IP address!)

help, please!

Also, better discussion boards for this stuff anywhere?