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Subject:   I still don't get it
Date:   2003-11-01 18:31:28
From:   anonymous2
Response to: I still don't get it

Ok, I'm an engineer and I am designing and building a car. I am going to use a turbocharged Ecotec 2.2 from General Motors. I have never driven an Opel Speedster (the only GM product with a factory Ecotec Turbo), in fact I have never even seen one in person. I have driven a Saturn Ion and a Pontiac Sunfire (same engine, no turbo), but I know that the performance and handling are nothing like a speedster.

At this point Mr.'I don't get it' is asking me if I have ever test driven my car that I haven't even got wheels for yet!

It's called a custom application! I don't need to spend hundreds of hours in powerplant development. I don't need to spend thousands of dollars in custom manufacturing and machine work. Someone else has done that for me! GM has Ecotecs pushing over 800 horsepower demonstrating the stability and versitility of their new powerplant. If my parts locator calls me and says he has an engine for me, I'm not gonna ask him if he will take it back if I can't turn 9 second quarter mile times in my one of a kind prototype! WAKE UP YOU MORON!

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