Five More Annoying PC Annoyances
Subject:   great article!
Date:   2003-11-03 08:32:41
From:   anonymous2
Do you know of this problem (Windows XP)
In outlook express, my emails (using an IMAP
server) get deleted randomly. When I click
on a header - once in a while, as soon as
I click - before even I get a chance to read
the contents pane - the email gets deleted
from the server! Not sure if this is an IMAP
server problem or outlook express one - if latter
do you have a solution?
Many thanx!

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  1. great article!
    2003-12-10 22:15:11  anonymous2 [View]

  2. great article!
    2003-11-03 08:51:34  anonymous2 [View]

    • great article!
      2003-11-05 10:10:09  clyde4s [View]

      • It happened by itself...
        2003-11-05 10:35:48  anonymous2 [View]

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