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Subject:   Have these people heard about this "new" thing called "Struts"???
Date:   2003-11-03 21:02:05
From:   sviergn
Response to: Have these people heard about this "new" thing called "Struts"???

I'm very much aware of what JSF can do. I understand that its notion of renderkits theoretically allows for a single target "view" that can be rendered in multiple formats. I say again: it doesn't need to be as complex as it is. Frankly (and don't take this personally) I am tired of API and framework advocates who tell us "just take a little more time to understand our complex framework, because once you've gotten your doctorate in using it over a period of several years (at which point it will have been replaced by the next generation) you will agree it's really powerful and wonderful!" Phooey! A framework should facilitate the implementation of simple tasks in a simple way, and only if you WANT to dig deeper, you should be able to THEN learn the guts of the framework to do more sophisticated things. Unfortunately, the people who are building these APIs and frameworks honestly don't seem interested in making simple things simple, and this is not only alienating us developers who want tools that make our lives EASIER (not harder), it is also thwarting acceptance of genuinely advanced ways of doing things.