From Keynotes to Congregation: The Real Mac OS X Conference
Subject:   .Mac & iPhoto (repost)
Date:   2003-11-04 11:08:28
From:   xyzzy-xyzzy

iPhoto can share photos with others -- you just need a web site to do it. .Mac makes it ridiculously easy, but any website will work.

Perhaps they should be looking "beyond a single device." :)

Seriously, I'm not sure why the lack of Rendezvous-based picture sharing is such a "crime", given the other sharing features. I'm not defending Apple here; I'm just trying to point out that there are ways to do things, even if they're not the ways we think there ought to be.

Has anyone made a hack to do picture sharing from iPhoto? After all, iPhoto is just a picture database. Someone should be able to read that well enough, and write a picture-sharer. If such an app became popular, I could see Apple considering putting that feature in.

How about a secondary web server that auto-creates photo web pages, accessed at myname.local.:8080 or something? That seems more useful than just throwing the word "Rendezvous" around.

Disclaimer: Maybe I just don't get it.