Buy Where You Shop
Subject:   Value Beyond Price
Date:   2003-11-04 14:47:36
From:   dgodgo
Often times I do not know exactly which book I'm looking for; a resource such as SoftPro is truly wonderful. I can walk in the Boulder store, say "I need a good book on X", where X can be anything from Oracle references to obscure T-carrier protocols, and the people there know what I'm asking... look at a selection of books, then walk out of the store with the best book for my needs in my hands - this is a great service and a real time saver.

With support and service like that, what's a few bucks one way or another? We should do all that we can to reduce the McPerson, 'walmartization' of our world - and ensure that such knowledgeable stores, people, and services are around in the future.