Writing JSPs in XML using JSP 1.2
Subject:   Not pointless
Date:   2003-11-05 07:58:14
From:   rca2t
Response to: Pointless article

The rationale for putting something in XML should not have to be reiterated each time something becomes XML compliant. The reasons are well-established. But for starters, JSP syntax before XML is really messy and hard to parse if you want to do anything useful with it, such as extracting all of the sql statements you might have embedded using in a JSTL page, and then putting them into another page. With XML, you could quickly write an XSLT transform to do that work for you. In an nutshell, XML offers the prospect of maintenance, not just output to a variety of end-user formats. Granted, the marketing has focused on the latter, but the former is a real boon to programmers. It is, in fact, a great step toward genuine literate programming.

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