The Death of HyperCard?
Subject:   On MouseUp
Date:   2001-04-06 09:06:14
From:   lor
I love what I'm hearing from folks here.

Apple will not lose money from a boosted HyperCard. Call it HyperCard X. Make it opensource. Hire Bill Atkinson and Scott Kamins and Scott Knaster and Jeanne DeVoto to sift through the improvements and form an appropriate vision of the new product.

File for a new patent based on significant improvements. And there's another 20 years leverage.

Then bundle the core product with every blessed iMac and G4. Let folks discover it, pay for XCMD's and other gotta-have components, or sell third-party add-ons through the Apple Store.

Oh, and Apple should build a PalmOS optimizer for stacks, as suggested here.

This is all a no-brainer.

- Loren

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