Introducing REBOL with Amazingly Easy GUI Programming
Subject:   Freakin AMAZING
Date:   2003-11-07 08:03:04
From:   anonymous2
From what I can see this is just what I need, I have been wanting to learn an easy(ish) programming language with easy GUI ability for AGES!!!!!
I am only 15 years old and for my Maths GCSE coursework I am writing a data handeling programme, I have been messing around with runtime revolution script but I am DEFINATLEY going to dump it for this, WOW WOW and WOW.
(I shall be emailing REBOL dev team on the comments of my coursework from my maths teacher (he is a programmer also with Perl Fortran C etc.) and maybe convince him to use this too.
Anyway thanks for everything REBOL team and thanks for the dude who wrote this article and the other dude (or maybe the same) who posted it on the one and only
Thanks again
Daniel :-)

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