JSP 2.0: The New Deal, Part 1
Subject:   EL - I just don't get it!
Date:   2003-11-08 15:44:57
From:   psgivens
Response to: EL - I just don't get it!

Yes, you are missing some thing. An expression language allows a developer to sprinkle necessary logic where a programming language should not be. It allows for good MVC design without making the "view" any less robust.

Also, because nested <> brackets don't make sense, the el expresion make much more sense than the JSP version.
<option value="3"
${param.artist == 3 ? 'selected' : ''}
<option value="3"
<%=param.artist == 3 ? "selected" : "" %>

Oh, and of course you are missing the main point. JSPs by nature are a templating technology, and as such, need a good templating language so that they are not muddied by code. Perl and .NET have very good ELs, why not Java?

Phillip S. Givens

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