Rendezvous Picture Transfer with Panther
Subject:   About the "Enable Web Sharing" Checkbox
Date:   2003-11-10 23:56:39
From:   derrick
One thing that I didn't spell out in the body of the article that I want to clarify here has to do with the "Enable Web Sharing" checkbox.

For those on your network that don't have Rendezvous functionality, they can still view your pictures if you check this box in the Sharing preferences of Image Capture. The downside is they have to enter an IP address such as

I just confirmed this on an iMac running OS 9.1 and IE 5.0. I enabled Web Sharing on my Panther machine, typed the IP address in the iMac browser, and all the pictures from my memory card appeared.

This is a slick option for those of you on a mixed network with lots of different (read, old Windows) computers.