Weblog:   Mobile providers -- Wake Up!
Subject:   Thanks, and a few more?
Date:   2003-11-11 06:22:48
From:   anonymous2
Response to: AT&T vs. T-Mobile

Thanks both of you for the info. Just a few more then?

>>It's entirely possible that some of these connection problems are between my computer and my phone (which I'm using as a modem)

You mean you're using the phone continuously as a modem, and have dispensed with the cable modem? That's great, if it's true. No wonder you're looking at the unlimited data price. :)

>>I'm using T-Mobile for my GPRS data

You mean you're accessing GPRS data, or you're developing and using it to test? Can you guys speak to whether you're into developing any and what you might be doing?

Last, can you say anything about the phones themselves? I'm looking at the Nokia 3650 because of it's video and Java capabilities, cause I'd like to get into developing with some Java MIDP and/or SVG. I know I've seen SVG running on the 3650, and from what I understand only the new Nokia 6600 supports MIDP 2 so far. Also, I see that the 3650 has "4" MB of memory, and a 16MB memory card. Is this upgradeable? Is it possible to run applications from the memory card? These and any and all other questions would much appreciate an answer. :)

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  1. Thanks, and a few more?
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