What happened to BountyQuest?
Subject:   Use that Prior Art
Date:   2003-11-11 08:34:41
From:   anonymous2
If you have "killer prior art" why is it sitting on you shelf? At least send it to the PTO for inclusion in the file wrapper for the patent. Or, go a step further and ask for a re-examination! (Anyone can do this.)
If the prior art sits on your shelf, it is likely to get lost. Someone who needs it can't find it. That's why the procedure exists for inserting things into the file wrapper! Also, there are going to be numerous people who won't implement one-click-like systems since their attorneys tell them that as long as Amazon's patent is still valid, it is too risky to move forward. As long as this patent is in force, it has a blocking effect on the industry (potentially preventing some innovation) even though it appears that the patent, if challenged, would fall.
If you've got prior art -- USE IT! Let's get these bad patents out of the system...

bob wyman