JavaScript: How Did We Get Here?
Subject:   Adoption
Date:   2001-04-09 22:48:45
From:   cothrun
Macromedia stands out as having adopted JavaScript into its products in a way that would be beneficial to many to many software packages.

For instance, Dreamweaver and Fireworks are both very extensible via JavaScript and a customized DOM. Flash 5 introduced ActionScript, a close cousin to JavaScript, that gives the Flash environment a proper scripting language and fairly fine grained control over events and properties. I wouldn't mind others following in Macromedia's footsteps and finding ways to open their programs to a scriptable DOM, something well known like JavaScript makes lots of sense.

Of course Steve touched on Microsoft's various incarnations, one seldom used is the Windows Scripting Host that allows their version of JavaScript or even Perl access to some of the Windows internals (this is the same WSH that spawned Melissa and its ilk in the VBScript variant).