TriSentry, a Unix Intrusion Detection System
Subject:   What does this mean for Portsentry and Logcheck?
Date:   2003-11-11 18:14:47
From:   glenng1
Response to: What does this mean for Portsentry and Logcheck?

Dear reader:

I'll try to answer your question(s) to the best of my ability:

>>Since they have meen bought out by cisco....

I cannot say if Cisco bought Psionic; I know they took over but that's the extent of my knowledge.

>>does this mean the software is no longer usable ...

I understood the Trisentry suite was distributed under the GNU license. By reading the license agreement I don't see anything that would indicate that you have to stop using it (or developing) in the event of ownership transfer - Best ask Cisco this question.

In so far as your other two questions; again these are license related and would best be answered by Cisco.

Hope that helps...

Yours truly,

Glenn Graham (Author)