Panther Internet Sharing
Subject:   Bluetooth
Date:   2003-11-12 11:43:54
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Bluetooth

Yes, you can do it, though it isn't super easy. Check out my site:
In the left column of the site, there is a group of Apple Scripts called Share2blue2th, complete with a thorough Read Me file, that let's you share the computer's internet connection via bluetooth. It is intended for sharing the connection to a bluetooth enabled cell phone (like the Nokia 3650), but you could easily set your computer to connect via a bluetooth connection to this shared connection as if it were a bluetooth capable phone's connection. I know I have instructions on how to do this here:

You should be able to use the scripts on one computer along with these instructions on the other to get it working. Although I myself have not done this, I know some of my readers have and have seen report of it in some of the discussions that I link to.

Good luck.