Using WebObjects "Direct to Web" Technology
Subject:   Ruling Class
Date:   2003-11-12 13:43:29
From:   joshpaul
Response to: Ruling Class

I jumped over and read your blog. It's nice to know (1) people are reading my articles and (2) people know about WO and D2W. I do, however, have one particular comment to make...

You mention that "(D2W is) primarily targeted at one purpose: publishing a corporate database on the web." However, I have developed a few applications using D2W, as have a number of other people, and I assure you there are more scenarios available than just "create/edit/view/delete." Yes, the D2W uses a database to store information, but it can (and does) accomplish much more.

I hope to explore more of D2W's features in another up-coming article.

In the meantime, enjoy WO & D2W...there's a ton o' fun to be had.