Wireless Mail on the Road
Subject:   Free Hot Spots? HAH
Date:   2003-11-17 06:14:56
From:   kg4giy
While I don't want to rain on the parade, I think there needs to be some definition of the rapidity of which free Wi-Fi spots are turning up. Here in suburbs of Washington, DC, there is no such thing as a free Wi-Fi POP, unless you are piggybacking on someone's unsecured connection (which is generally illegal).

Nor, does it seem there is any interest in supplying them. Verizon is selling service for $80 a month, T-Mobile and others have installed them in our favorite coffee shops and book stores and for a fee, you can hop right on, but the notion of a no-fee spot is as rare as clear thinking on Capitol Hill.

I understand there are pockets in New York and Boston, but they don't seem to have filtered this far south.