The State of Home-Brew PVRs on Linux
Subject:   TiVo vs DVR
Date:   2003-11-17 18:06:04
From:   anonymous2
TiVo is nice for time-shifting your TV watching, but a lot of folks alk about hacking it for the purpose of archiving the video -- essentially a digital video recorder.

The problem, as I see it, is that all TiVo-ish systems store the video in compressed form for the sake of maximizing storage. These codecs are usually MPEG 1 or 2, both of which are lossy compressors.

If you want to edit the video -- to remove commercials and such -- you must first uncompress. Then when you recompress, you suffer quality loss, sometimes VERY noticable.

I have a different setup.

I have a Formac Studio TVR (analog to digital video converter with TV tuner) and several BIG hard drives. I record what I want, process it with Final Cut Express and iDVD, and there it is.

Granted, I am not doing tens of hours of video per week, but I manage a couple of hours without difficulty.

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