The State of Home-Brew PVRs on Linux
Subject:   MythTV Knoppix Distro
Date:   2003-11-19 06:10:20
From:   anonymous2
Response to: MythTV Knoppix Distro

Setting up MythTV is a real bitch if you don't have a pentiumpro compatible processor. All the precompiled packages are built with the -march=pentiumpro flag which will not run on AMD K6-2 processors. This is also the default compile flag for source packages. I had to rebuild every package with the -march=i586. You would think that the i586 option would be the default so it would work with all machines.

I also found issues with incorrect pathnames, for instance, the setup program wouldn't run because it couldn't find the blue themes directory.

If you have to manually build and install everything, you're in for an ordeal.

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