Independent Label Go-Kart Records Embraces MP3s
Subject:   Isn't it amazing
Date:   2003-11-19 16:45:15
From:   anonymous2
Isn't it amazing that there id a record label out there that not only the balls but the brain to be independant?! What the RIAA is doing in regards to legislation and litigation is possibly the worst possible move they could make. Suing the people that support you and are your livlyhood is not the way to cause a return in CD sales. Hell its not even the downloading of music that is "kiling the industry". Did anyone stopt to think that maybe it could be the decrease in albums released? or maybe the increse in CD price without just inflation from $12.18 in 1999 to $17.98 in 2002. Does that seem to maybe be a factor? Well I am very pleased to see that there are record lables out there like Go-Kart that are willing to not go with the crowd and screw everyone over in the process. Way to go! Hopefully Go-Kart Records will set as a successful example of a changing business model.