Weblog:   Favorite Photo Tips
Subject:   Portable
Date:   2003-11-21 23:22:58
From:   jonblock
The most important thing to remember with any camera is that it's no good sitting at home. If you only buy one camera, make sure it will fit in a pocket without causing discomfort (or "unsightly bulges"), and then make sure it's in that pocket when you need it.

Can't resist a second suggestion: I stumbled on this trick last summer, on a small boat with a group of people trying to see an eagle's nest on shore. Some people were having trouble finding the nest among the treetops. I pulled out the camera, used the optical zoom to get as close as possible, and snapped a picture. Next, I switched to the camera's preview mode, zoomed in on the photo, and found the nest. Now, by zooming back out in steps, others could see exactly where to squint when they looked back up into the trees.