Subject:   Did BearShare really get gyped?
Date:   2001-04-17 13:06:32
From:   stevem2

I got quite a few emails about this article, mostly constructive criticism or praise, but the best came from a fellow going by the name of Kutulus, as follows:

Your article "alt.napster" is begging for a response. I wouldn't go as far as to call your article ignorant, but it is very biased. Simply
put, I don't see your reasoning behind giving BearShare 2 stars and Limewire 4 stars! The
reasons you listed just don't amount to such a review. Here are some factors that should have been taken into review.

  • BearShare clients make up 70% of the shared files on the
    Gnutella Network

  • BearShare gets 3 to 4 times more downloads per day, and has 4 times as many downloads total

  • Limewire has a bug that won't allow resuming of uploads

  • The Limewire download is 6 megs, and the interface is slower than that of BearShare

(The above reasons were given by Vinnie Falco, creator of BearShare via his forums. Below is a statement he made about reviews such as "alt.napster")

Vinnie - "Admittedly, some of the reviews are accurate. I would like to see
better searching and intelligent downloading myself. We've got new developers working on these features now, so expect yet another can of ass-whooping to be opened soon."

Also, I'm not sure if you heard but BearShare 3.0 is currently in beta stages and will have many new features, but your favorite will probably be its greatly improved interface (with simple and advanced mode!) Keep an eye out for its release.



When I sat down to write the article, I didn't base my ranking by the programs popularity, I based it on the individual characteristics of each. BearShare may be more popular, but that doesn't make for a better rating. That's like saying a band such as N'Sync is a great band just because they sell a lot of albums. It says nothing about their musical merit (and their albums usually get mediocre reviews). Well, I think BearShare is kind of like N'Sync: lots of talk and hype, but in the end I'd rather use a different flavor.

You also argue that "BearShare gets 3 to 4 times more downloads per day, and has 4 times as many downloads total." Well, this goes again to the number of BearShare clients being used, not of any fault of LimeWire. They use the same protocol, and its easier to get files with LimeWire over BearShare based on my research. You have to remember that BearShare is a company, looking to make money and beat their competitors. Hence they state that LimeWire has a bug that won't let you resume downloads. Well, I believe the only way resumed downloads work is if that exact IP address is within the range of your network at the same time you happen to be at a later date. Odds of that happening are remote, and it's always easier to just download the file from somebody else rather than wait for a download to resume. They don't say exactly how they do this on their site, and I imagine unless they use a resumed download protocol like iMesh, it's kind of an irrelevant feature....

And yes LimeWire has a bigger download. If you're using Gnutella you should be on a broadband connection anyhow, so waiting an extra minute for the download to complete isn't a big deal (and I didn't even notice it). In Kutulus's response to me I found out he was using a modem. Unfortunately using a modem on Gnutella is like surfing Big Sur with a wakeboard. The LimeWire download is in fact over 4Mb larger than BearShare, but I didn't notice the difference because I'm on a broadband connection (somehow I keep forgetting about modem users, shame on me)

I'll check out version 3 to see if it works better, but as I stated in the article, I wasn't too impressed with it. Unimpressive GUI, and you can't search for file type, which is something they need to incorporate in their next version.

Got a different opinion? Post a follow up, I'd love to hear it.

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