Weblog:   Favorite Photo Tips
Subject:   Conny Svensson
Date:   2003-11-22 08:46:32
From:   anonymous2
I try to not use the falsh inddors, but the problem is your camera might have a hard time focusing if it's low light. I try two different techniques to solve this problem:
1. Try to focus on something at the same range as the subject but which is better lit. Maybe close to a lamp. Continue holding down the shutter button halfways and point at the subject and take the shot.
2. I use a flashlight to light up my subject to get the camera to focus and then turn it off before taking the shot.
Depending on your camera and in what mode it is the flash might react differently because the subject you were focusing on was differently lit than the target subject. For this I use manual mode and set the flash level. Usually the auto mode works like magic and it ends up being a very good shot.