QT Authoring on Native Mac OS X
Subject:   greater control over QT slideshows using XML
Date:   2003-11-22 17:31:43
From:   anonymous2
Response to: greater control over QT slideshows using XML

The SlideShowImporter Sample Code (available through the Apple Developer Connection,
released 6/13/02) provides a great way to create QuickTime slide shows using XML.
To use the sample code, just drag & drop the SlideShowImporter PPC or SlideShowCarb.component
into their respective folders (System Folder:Extensions for Classic and ~/Library/QuickTime/
for OS X), then launch the QuickTime player. Use BBEdit or your favorite text
editor to create an XML file controlling your slide show and then save it with
a .qtsl extension. Now open that file within QuickTime and it will automatically
import all the elements referenced in the .qtsl file. Cool huh?!