Two Servlet Filters Every Web Application Should Have
Subject:   Also enable caching at the browser level
Date:   2003-11-24 02:08:08
From:   anonymous2
Make sure also to investigate caching at the browser level. It can really make an enormous difference to the user experience.

We use a servlet filter to add a
Cache-Control: public, max-age=3600
http header to all recurring static content (e.g. gifs, jpgs, style sheets, javascript etc).

In our case, this removed approx 75% of all hits to the server - and made the pages load much faster.

You may want to extend the filter to also handle the if-modified-since request header.

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  1. Also enable caching at the browser level
    2003-11-24 12:29:37  jfalkner [View]

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