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Subject:   I'll JoT down a few reasons we don't like these aps...
Date:   2003-11-24 13:12:53
From:   snaggy
"The only obvious problem is that this steals impressions from sites that depend on advertising."

Nitrozac and I are not big fans of these kinds of aps. Sure, there's a slight chance it may allow more people to see our work, but they do miss out on a lot of the fun, and we take a bigger hit cost-wise.

Besides depriving us of a few micro-cents on advertising, the less obvious ones are...

-adds to our bandwith costs.
-these aps create a ton of error messages when they can't find the proper comic.
-takes away from the Joy of Tech user experience... for instance, there no chance the user will find Relevancy Links, or do the JoyPoll, or click embedded links that may be in the comic.
-people miss out on all the fun in our Forums. :-)

Ok, just a view from the artist's side of things. :-)

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  2. I'll JoT down a few reasons we don't like these aps...
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