Weblog:   iLike iComic
Subject:   iComic - dangerous?
Date:   2003-11-25 08:01:51
From:   anonymous2
I installed iComic on my G4 (dual-1GHz MDD, OS 10.2.6). Disappointed in the "only two" comics, I downloaded and expanded a number of others from the attached link into the iComic library file. They wouldn't open. At this point I realized I was running iComic from the disk image and wanted to move the iComic library file from the user Library to the computer Library directory, so I dragged-and-dropped. At this point iComic erased my user Library utterly. Email - gone. Preferences - gone. Address book - gone. I can recommend iComic as the ultimate in housecleaning apps, but I won't be using it myself.