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  Panther Maintenance Tips
Subject:   Anyone else seen problems with X11?
Date:   2003-11-25 17:53:09
From:   barryhawkins
In performing the steps in this article, all was fairly normal until the update prebinding step. I rebooted, and normally I have X11 launch as a startup item on login. When I saw that it wasn't running, I tried to start it manually, but it will not. There were a number of error message during the update prebinding. I figured it would be a good thing to do, because I have installed quite a bit of software, and this installation is only 2 weeks old. If anyone has seen this and figured out how to get X11 working again, please reply.

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  1. FJ de Kermadec photo Anyone else seen problems with X11?
    2003-11-26 11:35:31  FJ de Kermadec | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    • Anyone else seen problems with X11?
      2003-12-16 09:49:24  barryhawkins [View]

      • Anyone else seen problems with X11?
        2005-04-19 12:55:27  Mac_techy [View]

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