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Subject:   RF Remote
Date:   2003-11-26 13:50:53
From:   anonymous2
The only suggestion with which I disagree is the Keyspan RF remote. I have one and have not successfully used it in practice. While it works well, the design of the case is such that, when properly inserted into the case, the remote's jog dial is depressed, draining the battery. This has happened several times. In addition, the controls are not intuitive, and the mouse function occasionally works.

I have since ditched it in favor of Interlink's Remote Point Navigator (VP 4100). It has fewer features than Keyspans and costs more, but is rock solid, with a laser, forward, backward, and blank screen.

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  1. Terrie Miller photo RF Remote
    2003-12-01 09:22:18  Terrie Miller | [View]

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