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Subject:   302 Messages
Date:   2003-11-26 18:01:34
From:   cshannon
I have a mod_perl web app based on CGI::Application and CGI::Formbuilder. I developed the app on my Win2000 workstation at the office, and am in process of porting it to my OSX box. I've got perl 5.8.0 installed, and Apache 1.3.29, mod_perl/1.29. Most everything seems fine now, except one thing. Using (I know, I know - there's a better way, I'm just lazy and haven't looked into it) I use a redirect to another URL, but in the browser I get a 302 message (The document has moved here - with 'here' linked to the redirect url). My app doesn't do this on my Win box, which is running Apache2. I've used this same function before on a Sun box running Apache 1.3.26, and never got a 302 message.

I cannot figure how to skip this server message, and since I never get this screen from my other dev platforms, and I've tested to show it is not the browser, but the server, how can I make the browser redirect.

Just to add some detail, CGI::Application uses screen modes, so when a form is submitted, I input the form data into a database, then redirect the browser to a different screen mode, so that I don't have to redundantly construct the mode's HTML in my code.

The only way I got around it so far (and this is not a final solution, I hope) was to do an LWP get on the redirect url, then print the contents back to the browser. This seems ridiculous to me, but perhaps I am ridiculous for using CGI's apparently heavy redirect function.

Any ideas would be much obliged. Thanks for the great Apache/mod_perl info on the site!

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