Scuttlebutt: Torvalds Thinks OS X Is Crap
Subject:   We Really Don't Know What Torvalds Said, But ...
Date:   2001-04-19 19:21:55
From:   pyrrho
Response to: We Really Don't Know What Torvalds Said, But ...

Agreed with one of your last points... that the subject of "Torvalds thinks OS X is crap" is highly inflammatory and misleading. It indicates that the author didn't bother to investigate the story further, and instead just tried to deliver what s/he felt would provide the greatest return in readership.

This is highly contradictory to what I feel O'Reilly publications have represented so far... highly researched, objective and informative publications. This article casts a black mark upon everything else I'll be looking at on for some time to come.