Squeezing NAT Out of Panther Server
Subject:   How about doing this with AirPort + Ethernet?
Date:   2003-12-02 13:17:40
From:   anonymous2
I don't care if I use NAT or just some routing, but I would like to bridge the AirPort Extreme interface on my G5 server (connected to Internet via ethernet>Cisco router (NAT, DHCP)>T1) so that I can connect to the Internet via the AirPort Extreme card in my PowerBook.

NAT should be avoided, if possible, as it won't let me access my PowerBook from LAN machines. Ideally, the server would just act like the AirPort base station in bridging mode. If I have to use NAT, however, then I can deal.

The topic of AirPort bridging with "software base station" has been going around for ages, and I've never seen a clear solution. Any ideas?