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  Integrating Tomcat with Apache Via the mod_jk Module
Subject:   what the heck?
Date:   2003-12-03 11:58:57
From:   anonymous2
Response to: what the heck?

My mistake. I put the <IfModule mod_jk.c>..</IfModule> twice.
You can leave the <IfModule mod_jserv.c>..</IfModule>:

<IfModule mod_jserv.c>
ApJServManual on
ApJServDefaultProtocol ajpv12
ApJServMountCopy on
ApJServLogLevel notice
ApJServDefaultPort 9007
AddType test/jsp .jsp
AddHandler jserv-servlet .jsp
ApJServMount default /root
ApJServMount /examples /root
ApJServMount /WebMail/servlet /WebMail
ApJServLogFile /private/var/log/httpd/mod_jserv.log

If it makes you more comfortable, you can comment the <IfModule mod_jserv.c>..</IfModule> out, but if you followed the step above it (Step 3), it will never see these instructions.