Installing Oracle 9i on Mac OS X, Part 1
Subject:   Oracle / Unix Student: currently in school
Date:   2003-12-03 19:41:01
From:   anonymous2
I am an Oracle student. Next semester I will take Unix (Solaris).

The teacher told the class to download Oracle 9i from the Oracle Website for student learning use. I asked the teacher if I could eventually run Oracle SQL*PLUS in Terminal (Unix) on my Mac. My teacher indicated no and he gave me a speech about the Unix chipset vs the Macintosh chipset. I did not quite understand but whatever.

When I read the article about Oracle 9i and Mac OS X, I was very happy. Should I download installgen demo for OSX by David Simpson or should I wait until I have obtained more experience ?

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  1. Oracle / Unix Student: currently in school
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