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Weblog:   one more post about ApacheCon 2003
Subject:   ApacheCon 2003 Roundup
Date:   2003-12-04 10:24:34
From:   Trackback from http://www.picklematrix.net/semergence/archives/000771.html anonymous2
O'Reilly Network: one more post about ApacheCon 2003 [Dec. 02, 2003] i got the opportunity to attend ApacheCon 2003 in Las Vegas (Vegas baby! ) two weeks ago. i thought i'd blog my notes so that you could get a feel for what was presented and how it was received. given BEA's growing commitment to open-source and Apache, i was looking forward to an interesting conference (and i wasn't disappointed). oh, there's also an official conference wiki you can check out too...