TFTP and Error Correction
Subject:   Much like TCP...
Date:   2003-12-05 04:02:43
From:   anonymous2
Interesting... I note that two of those are (some of) the key features of TCP: Explicit packet acknowledgement and (if necessary) retransmission; and flow control (in TCPs case, packet sequence numbers). In fact, the only key thing missing that I can see are the start-of-connection and end-of-connection handshakes, which will be handled by the application anyway.
UDP is normally used in situations where either it doesn't matter if some packets are dropped, or where low latency is of extreme importance. Since the former is not the case where TFTP is concerned, and the latency will be very similar to TCP if you're explicitly acknowledging data transfer, is UDP used in this case purely because it's more lightweight to impliment?

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  1. Much like TCP...
    2003-12-05 13:43:29  hjohns [View]

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