Getting Your Feet Wet With Aqua
Subject:   Aqua Brings a Unix GUI to the Desktop
Date:   2001-04-21 21:57:32
From:   agraham999
Response to: Aqua Brings a Unix GUI to the Desktop

I also think what Apple has done is to bring an enormous amount of credibility to the platform. You have a $8+ billion company betting the farm on a platform that until now, has remained almost invisible to the end-consumer. Unix has always gained a large amount of respect from the tech sector, but has largely remained anonymous with many business professionals and consumers who wouldn't buy a "non-brand" version of a product. Red not a brand 99% of consumers could recognize by name (unless you know them from the class-action lawsuit).

Most people still think of hardware and the OS as one in the same...a Sony, Gateway, Dell computer will always be a Windows machine, and an Apple will always be an Apple machine. Hard to seperate the OS from the machine...who has ever seen a Unix machine running in Sears or Wal-Mart (not counting the back room servers)?

Apple has given Unix a face and instantly increased it's market share. Unix also just got a big marketing budget and access to grade schools, homes and a wide variety of locations where it was never welcome before. I just hope we see some adoption, or we'll all be using XP.