Location, Location, Location: Tips for Storing Web Site Files
Subject:   Virtual Domains on 10.3 server
Date:   2003-12-07 08:14:44
From:   eprice
This is the closest article I could find that might shed light on my current problem. I am a student so excuse the probable newbie question. I am running 10.3 server and my primary website has been live on the net for weeks with no problems. I registered a second domain and set the DNS using which seems to be working great.
When I enter the URL for either website they both bring up the index.html from the new site. Using the server admin application I created the second site and selected the web folder (document root) and the Default index file. Do I need to manually set virtual host settings for every site I create on OSX Server? I thought this would only be necessary if I were using client. TIA